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Relativity Fest 2016
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AW88399 - 3 Situations, 2 Lawyers, 1 Corporation, and So Many Features: Using Relativity in a Data Breach, an Investigation, and Litigation Learn how a fictitious corporation in the financial services sector leverages Relativity to assist with three different types of legal matters—a data breach, an investigation, and litigation. Kroll Ontrack’s Cathleen Peterson and Brian Hengesbaugh from Baker & McKenzie will walk through hypothetical scenarios with real-world Relativity workflows. Submitted for CLE accreditation 1 Hour Session Rene Laurens
Cathleen Peterson
Brian Hengesbaugh
RF94111 - Academic Partner Program: Curriculum Update for 2017 In this session, we'll show the future of the Relativity Academic Partner program and walk through the new academic curriculum workbook. You'll gain an understanding of review essentials, as well as tips about how to get the most out of our program. 1 Hour Session Eileen McCarthy
Janice Hollman
RF94112 - Academic Partner Program: Lesson Planning Step-by-Step for 2017 We'll review the new academic curriculum and then focus on customization and lesson planning. Experienced legal technology instructors will be on hand to help you draft one lesson plan, discuss options for class exercises, and send you home with a wealth of ideas. Not sure you know enough about Relativity? We will pair you up with an expert who can show you the way. This is a hands-on, highly interactive session. 2 Hours Session Peg Gianuca
Amy Bowser-Rollins
Janice Hollman
Eileen McCarthy
Lauren Brill
RF94095 - Academic Partner Program: Marketing Your e-Discovery Course Through Social Media and PR Learn how to use the power of the media—both traditional and online—to showcase your school and your program. See how both law school and paralegal programs can partner with kCura for marketing opportunities.   1 Hour Session Steve Tanner
Mariya Barnes
RF94114 - Academic Partner Program: Optimizing Your Skills and Course Offerings for 2017 You have some great basic Relativity skills but would like to learn more. Join us for a customized plan to get ready for the new 2017 curriculum and find out how to become a Relativity Certified User. 1 Hour Session Eileen McCarthy
Janice Hollman
RF94096 - Academic Partner Program: Professor Orientation During this session, designed for Relativity Academic Partner professors, you will get a brief overview of the Relativity Fest sessions designed for Academic Partners. We will pair volunteer mentors with student scholarship winners and discuss the sessions offered specifically for Academic Partners. 1 Hour Session Janice Hollman
RF94099 - Academic Partner Program: Student Orientation During this session, designed for Relativity Fest student scholarship winners, we will cover an overview of the conference, help students pick sessions, and pair them with a Relativity Fest buddy. This session will take place directly before the professor orientation. 1 Hour Session Janice Hollman
LP95005 - A Conversation with Judge David Waxse on Data Privacy and Search Described in a recent law review article as part of the “Magistrates' Revolt” against search warrants granting the government wide access to email accounts, US Magistrate Judge David Waxse is one of the nation’s foremost jurists on e-discovery and data privacy.  In this session moderated by kCura’s David Horrigan, Judge Waxse will discuss his important decisions on email search, including In re Three Hotmail Accounts, the effect of the US Supreme Court’s decision in Riley v. California, the recent Second Circuit decision in Microsoft v. United States, and how it all relates to your e-discovery practice. Submitted for CLE accreditation. 1 Hour Session David Waxse
David Horrigan
IG91074 - Action Plan and Toolset for FRCP-aware Data Remediation, Presented by the Information Governance Initiative (IGI) The Information Governance Initiative (IGI), an industry-leading think tank, will present a session around learning what remediation is and how to create an action plan around the amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP). The session will provide an understanding of how the FRCP Amendments make remediation projects much less risky. In addition, you'll learn an organizing principle for remediation projects. Finally, the session will demonstrate to IG and e-discovery leaders that meaningful remediation is possible regardless of their organization's IG maturity. Submitted for CLE accreditation. 1 Hour Session Barclay Blair
Bennett Borden
Dean Gonsowski
RF92904 - A Deep Dive into Email Threading and Near Duplicate Identification This session will outline the steps to set up and troubleshoot email threading and near-duplicate identification. We will also discuss how Relativity Analytics finds these related documents. After this session you will have a deeper understanding of how the technology works behind the scenes and how to take better advantage of it. Fest Favorite: Back by popular demand, this session was presented at a previous Relativity Fest and has been updated with the latest and greatest functionality. 1 Hour Session Rebecca Schwab Peoples
Jeff Gilles
EX94010 - A Deep Dive on Analytics Regular Expressions While running email threading and near-duplicate detection are considered best practices for nearly every case containing emails, sometimes it's necessary to clean up the text before kicking off the analysis. Removing Bates numbers and other forms of textual interference goes a long way toward achieving an optimal result. Similar cleanup can also be performed prior to the creation of a conceptual analytics index—the less text noise, the better the index. 1 Hour Session Aileen Tien
AW94011 - Advanced Regular Expressions for dtSearch This session is geared toward those who have at least a basic understanding of regular expressions. Aileen Tien, a solutions specialist at kCura, and Louis Martin, senior managing consultant at iDiscovery Solutions, will go over workflows for using regular expressions to search for documents containing numbers such as social security numbers, bank account numbers, or patent numbers. They will show how you can leverage regular expressions to search for special characters that are by default not searchable in dtSearch, such as the percent sign. 1 Hour Session Aileen Tien
Louis Martin
LP92411 - Alice in Analyticsland: A Story of TAR Can you ever really know how good technology-assisted review (TAR) is, or gauge the effectiveness of its underlying “concept search” technology? Litigation technology manager and keyword-search guru Mike Hagen decided to find out. He set up an experiment using a data set that would make TAR’s accuracy easy to judge and the results simpler to explain: classic literature. What he found might surprise you. Commonwealth Legal’s Yvette Bula and kCura’s Stan Pierson will also share best practices for applying analytics to your project, preparing your team, and maximizing results. 1 Hour Session Yvette Bula
Stan Pierson
Michael Hagen
AW98121 - Always in the Cloud: RelativityOne & Office365 More organizations are moving to Office365 due to costs, updates, security, and accessibility benefits. However, as organizations move their data to the cloud, they are concerned about compliance, specifically for e-discovery, in the cloud. In this panel discussion we will discuss how to address this challenge through the use of a seamless integration between Office365 and RelativityOne. The panel will consist of representatives from kCura, Microsoft, and Lighthouse eDiscovery interested in using the RelativityOne integration with Office365 and will touch on the capabilities, benefits, and ROI for clients. 1 Hour Session Mateen Khadir
Rachi Messing
Debora Motyka Jones
RF91022 - Analytics: Behind the Scenes In this session, we'll have an in-depth discussion about how a Relativity Analytics index is created and how related documents are identified. After this session, you will better understand the meaning of concept rank and how to best use this information in workflows. 1 Hour Session Laura Webster
Rachel Koy
EX94992 - Analytics for Attorneys Workshop This hands-on workshop is designed to help attorneys use text analytics to explore and assess case documents, improve efficiency and streamline review, and construct searches to find documents you might have missed via more traditional means. You’ll leave with a better understanding of how to use a variety of simple and powerful text analytics capabilities to obtain results that would have otherwise been next to impossible, and how to apply them to your projects. Submitted for CLE accreditation. 2 Hours Session Greg Houston
Melissa Saniter
Bill Bailey
RF92394 - Analytics Overview This session provides an overview of Relativity Analytics. You’ll learn how to solve everyday problems using Analytics, including how to get through more documents in less time using features such as email threading, near-duplicate detection, clustering, and more. 1 Hour Session Elise Tropiano
EX94993 - Analytics Workshop In this hands-on workshop, we'll briefly discuss the "why" of Relativity Analytics before diving full force into the "how." You will learn how to set up both structured analytics and conceptual indexes through slides, workbooks, and hands-on time in Relativity. When you leave this session, you will know how to pitch the benefits of Analytics at a high level to your colleagues or customers, set up structured analytics to run email threading and textual near duplicate identification, and build a high quality conceptual index which can drive such features as keyword expansion, clustering, and concept search. The session is targeted at those who are familiar with administering Relativity but are not too experienced yet with Analytics. 3 Hours Session Stan Pierson
Jeff Gilles
Laura Webster
AW92891 - An Optimal Workflow for Processing Errors We'll discuss a recommended workflow for resolving processing errors, which includes creating views and layouts to review and address errors both pre- and post-publish. We'll also demonstrate how to ignore and retry corrupted and password-protected files and discuss fixing these files in your repository. 1 Hour Session Joe Riley
RF92399 - An Overview of Relativity Best in Service: What’s New and What Can It Do for You? The Best in Service program was designed to help our partners define, and continue to raise, the standard for a great Relativity experience. In this session, you'll learn about the Best in Service program including what it is, how partners qualify for the designation, the benefits of achieving the designation, and what’s new in 2017. Fest Favorite: Back by popular demand, this session was presented at a previous Relativity Fest and has been updated with the latest information. 1 Hour Session David Giambalvo
Ryan Merholz
Michael Schulte
IT92887 - Appliance and Notebook Systems Overview This session provides an overview of the various all-in-one solutions provided by kCura, including the Relativity ECA and Investigation Appliance, L-Series Appliance, and Notebook. Each includes the necessary hardware (compute, network, and storage) as well as Relativity and third-party software—all pre-configured and optimized to provide a plug-n-play experience in your data center or onsite for a secure, geographically sensitive project. When you walk out of the room, you’ll understand where and when to use each of these solutions and how they can simplify the process of deploying and managing Relativity. 1 Hour Session Mike Decker
RF91021 - Assisted Review Overview In this session, we'll provide a basic overview of technology-assisted review in Relativity. You'll be able to define technology-assisted review and discuss the basics of defensibility and cost savings associated with the workflow. 1 Hour Session Andrea Beckman
IT98364 - Azure: The Path to Microsoft’s Cloud Services Microsoft’s Azure is a growing collection of integrated cloud services – analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, and web – for moving faster, achieving more, and saving money. This session covers the path to Azure, the capabilities you can leverage, and how you can take advantage of the same infrastructure to deploy applications, migrate e-discovery systems, maximize performance, and minimize cost. The session will be led by a Microsoft Azure Architect and a member of the kCura team, and will cover scalability capabilities as well as migration best practices. 1 Hour Session Perry Marchant
Tony Surma
AW92406 - Beginners Regular Expressions for dtSearch If your data is inconsistent, how can your searching be consistent? Regular expressions, or RegEx, give you the flexibility to search for patterns. In this session, a member of the kCura advice team will walk you through what a regular expression is and provide some quick ways to use them in Relativity. By the end of this session you'll have an understanding of RegEx, including basic terminology and the different ways it can be used in Relativity. Fest Favorite: Back by popular demand, this session was presented at a previous Relativity Fest and has been updated with the latest and greatest functionality. 1 Hour Session Aileen Tien
AW92408 - Best Practices for Administering Relativity New to administering Relativity? We'll show you how to get started and walk you through best practices for being your organization's point person. Fest Favorite: Back by popular demand, this session was presented at a previous Relativity Fest and has been updated with the latest and greatest functionality. 1 Hour Session Carlo Ramos
Matt Bolte
IG92886 - Beyond Discovery: The Future Investigative State of ESI in the Legal Profession, Presented by The Electronic Discovery Institute (EDI) As organizations face data growth, new pressures from dawn raids and investigations from foreign regulators will force enterprises to identify risks before whistleblowers and regulators do. Learn about the changing regulatory landscape in this session, where you’ll hear from attorneys, regulators, and in-house counsel about the role of technology and best practices in this emerging new discipline. Submitted for CLE accreditation. 1 Hour Session Patrick Oot
Elizabeth Jaworski
Ashish Prasad
Robert Link
PF75191 - Beyond e-Discovery: Using Relativity for Contract Management, Client Account Remediation, and More Learn how to harness Relativity's power to manage contracts and ensure client records are up-to-date and consistent in a familiar, user-friendly environment. This session will show Relativity from a new angle, explore the possibilities of using Relativity Dynamic Objects, and broaden your perspective on the platform. 1 Hour Session Doug Kaminski
Rebecca Fennessy
LP90984 - Brexit and Beyond: International Issues and Cross-border e-Discovery Join a panel of US and international legal experts for an analysis of legal developments affecting international data transfers and cross-border e-discovery. In addition to Brexit’s effect on data law issues between the US, the UK, and the EU, topics will include global data privacy and cyber protection developments, the EU-US Privacy Shield, the EU General Protection Regulation, and US domestic laws, including the Dublin warrant dispute in Microsoft v. United States. Submitted for CLE accreditation. 1 Hour Session Chris Dale
Patrick Burke
Edward McAndrew
Meribeth Banaschik
David Horrigan
LP91166 - Bridging the Gap Between Legal and IT in a Corporate Setting How closely does your IT team work with your legal department? With differing departmental priorities, it can be tough for many organizations to break down the barrier and truly integrate their teams. Join this session to learn how Bayer integrates their IT and legal teams to optimize the value they offer their organization. 1 Hour Session Andrea Shirey
Tracey Vinson
IT88221 - Building a Fast, Reliable SQL Server for Relativity You want Relativity to run as fast as possible, but you don't have an unlimited budget. Microsoft Certified Master Brent Ozar will give you real-life stories from shops with high-performance environments. You’ll learn how to choose between virtual and physical servers, understand different high-availability methods, and discover why clustering is such a no-brainer. 1 Hour Session Brent Ozar
RF91023 - Building an Internal Relativity Certified Administrator Training Program  In this session, Wendy King, Relativity product director at Kroll Ontrack, and Sandy Gensmer, Relativity business architect at Kroll Ontrack, will join Katie Simon, certification specialist at kCura, to share their experiences preparing the Relativity community to take the Relativity Certified Administrator (RCA) exam. Wendy and Sandy will discuss challenges and experiences Kroll Ontrack faced when building their program as well as how they created a successful certification program. They will share ideas and techniques used at Kroll Ontrack for starting new learning initiatives and how to validate its success. After this session, you will know how to jump-start a learning program for your organization. Fest Favorite: Back by popular demand, this session was presented at a previous Relativity Fest and has been updated with the latest and greatest information. 1 Hour Session Katie Simon
Wendy King
Sandy Gensmer
AW92403 - Building a QC Process for Getting Data In and Out of Relativity A member of kCura's advice team will walk you through a workflow for running quality control checks for data loads and production exports prior to delivery and will share a methodology for creating both automated and manual checks. After this session, you'll know how to build your own comprehensive checklist for your daily work. 1 Hour Session Greg Houston
AW88438 - Business Up Front, Party in the Back: Building QC Workflows Before Review See how basic features—such as highlighting, tagging, batching, document views, and coding layouts—can be creatively re-purposed to build QC, reviewer self-QC, and privilege workflows prior to starting your document review. A little bit of strategic forethought before your review can save many hours of aggravation sanitizing a sloppy production and privilege log. Submitted for CLE accreditation 1 Hour Session Vicky Kournetas
Melissa Saniter
Erica Wenninger
Erik Seidlitz
GS92910 - Closing Keynote Before you head home, we'll wrap up Relativity Fest 2016 with closing remarks and highlights from the event. Half Hour Session Andrew Sieja
RF91011 - Collection Overview This session provides an overview of Relativity Collection. When you walk out of the room, you'll understand the problems that Collection solves and how to build smarter targeted collections. 1 Hour Session Aaron INACTIVE Laliberte
AW92908 - Creating Dashboards for Your Entire Case Lifecycle In this session, we will walk you through how to use visualizations in Relativity to tell your data’s story throughout the life of your matter. With this information, you and your case team will be better equipped to prioritize your review, identify patterns and trends across custodians, and develop better review strategies with real-time insight. 1 Hour Session Melissa Saniter
LP91071 - Critical Qualities of the Resilient e-Discovery Leader, Presented by the Information Governance Initiative (IGI) e-Discovery is one of the most stressful, demanding, and high-stakes experiences that practitioners can go through. In this session, executive members of the Information Governance Initiative (IGI), an industry-leading think tank, will present what they have learned about what makes a resilient e-discovery leader. The team will share insights into information leadership gleaned from helping organizations through the e-discovery process, their conversations with hundreds of IG practitioners, and the extensive quantitative research they conduct. The session will close with a discussion of how we can all apply these lessons in our own IG roles. 1 Hour Session Bennett Borden
Brian Stempel
Dean Gonsowski
Barclay Blair
RF92906 - Data Grid Overview Learn the benefits of using the Data Grid data store, such as a reduction in SQL Server database sizes; easier database maintenance, backup, and upgrades; reduced memory requirements; automatic workspace distribution across available servers; increased visibility into Relativity audit data; automatic support for larger case sizes; and instantaneous indexing functionality. 1 Hour Session Brian Vile
EX94994 - Data Visualization Workshop This hands-on workshop will get you started visualizing your data to build dashboards that help you and your case team solve every day challenges from legal hold through to production. This workshop will walk you through how to create widgets and dashboards that help you analyze legal hold projects, processing errors, search terms reports, conceptual information, document metadata, coding decisions, and more. 1 Hour Session Kyle Disterheft
Kelly Wehbi
PF94110 - Developer Summit: The Vision for the Developer Community During this summit, designed for developers, members of the kCura team will discuss the Relativity developer program. Whether you’re a developer at a Relativity Developer Partner (ISV), or you’re a Relativity developer at a service provider or law firm, join us to for an overview of the current priorities and overall vision for the Developer Partner program. Leaders from our platform engineering team will then answer questions about our architecture, technical direction, and more. At the summit, attendees will also have an opportunity to provide feedback to help shape the future of how kCura interacts with and supports the Relativity developer community. We’ll wrap up with a social reception, allowing you to meet other developers, both from kCura and the greater Relativity development community. 2 Hours Session George Orr
Mark Robustelli
Drew Deitch
Justin Smits
IG90875 - Dos and Don’ts of Forensic and e-Discovery Evidence Handling Forensics experts, discovery experts, and managers alike will benefit from this panel discussion about the intricacies of managing security keys and liability, storage and encryption, on-the-wire encryption, and retention of network traffic. Take a fresh look at proper chain of custody, what "forensic" really means, forensic network collection, and data retention. Seyfarth Shaw Partner Richard Lutkus (EnCE, EnCEP, CEH) and kCura CSO Bill Lederer (“Security Bill”) in a lively discussion about best practices and the security stance of e-discovery today. Submitted for CLE accreditation. 1 Hour Session William Lederer
Richard Lutkus
RF92395 - ECA and Investigation Overview This session will discuss best practices for running early case assessment effectively in a workspace and how to use the software in complex scenarios. We'll also discuss using one ECA workspace to feed multiple review workspaces. 1 Hour Session Dan Miller
EX94997 - ECA and Investigation Workshop Relativity ECA and Investigation helps legal and investigative teams quickly assess risk and make informed decisions at the earliest stages of a case or investigation. In this workshop, we'll walk through various configurable options in preparing your data, demonstrate the default dashboards and views, configure additional dashboards and views, and build workflows to efficiently create an inclusive set of documents for review. We will walk through the process of "pushing" data to a review workspace as well as how to share review coding decisions between workspaces. 3 Hours Session Rene Laurens
IG85732 - e-Discovery in Cyber Investigations This discussion highlights the areas in which cyber security and e-discovery dovetail in the increasingly interdependent data landscape. Cyber breaches increasingly lead to litigation or an investigation. Leveraging e-discovery tools from outset better equips companies responding to breaches. When many people think of cyber security and e-discovery in tandem, the concern is around protecting the sensitive data contained within provider and law firm servers and cloud infrastructures. While this is an increasingly pressing concern given recent high profile law firm breaches and the type of data contained in many situations involving e-discovery, experience working with both practices has highlighted how they are inextricably intertwined. In particular, the specific tools supporting unstructured data analytics help identify or provide evidence of insider threats, or simply ensure highly relevant data to the cyber investigation is adequately preserved, collected, and ultimately analyzed. Submitted for CLE accreditation 1 Hour Session Anthony Moeller
Doug Kaminski
Douglas Bloom
IT96245 - eDiscovery Infrastructure: Why it matters. Part 1: Setting up the Perfect Relativity Environment Hit the ground running with a perfect Relativity environment and focus on your work, not your data systems. Learn how standardized infrastructure design allows us to provide global QA testing for storage, networking, servers, and software. We will share the knowledge gained from decades of experience with our diverse client base. George Jon designs and manages—in real-time—scalable, fault tolerant e-discovery ecosystems for litigation service providers, law firms, corporations, and government agencies worldwide. This session discusses best practices for building optimized Relativity infrastructure that maximizes productivity. 1 Hour Session George Nedwick
Fuaad Ahmed
IT96246 - eDiscovery Infrastructure: Why it matters. Part 2: Replacing Underperforming Relativity Systems Ready to upgrade? Learn how we facilitate quick and easy migrations of existing workspace data into new environments, with data in place and functioning in a few minutes. Hear stories of hardware upgrades and system-wide scaling, done seamlessly and producing immediate results. Discover how comprehensive systems audits can identify problems, outline solutions, and provide a roadmap for optimized performance. Data is the lifeblood of the e-discovery business. Time equals money, and substandard infrastructure will diminish Relativity performance and hurt your bottom line. We’ll show you how to upgrade with confidence and maximize productivity. 1 Hour Session George Nedwick
Fuaad Ahmed
IG95207 - Emerging Technology Trends in Combating Corruption: Conducting an Effective Investigation Internationally Fraud, bribery, and corruption investigations in international jurisdictions are becoming increasingly complex to manage as the scope of data sources continues to expand. Gathering appropriate intelligence on key custodians, understanding financial implications of key activities, and gaining the trust of the audit committee is key to managing reputational risk and avoiding costly penalties. Learn how Control Risks is leveraging Relativity and other tools to support complex investigations for corporate compliance officers and outside counsel. Beyond digital forensics and review, understanding the business implications are key to reducing the amount of time and cost in handling a cross-border investigation. Control Risks will share ideas on complex workflows and practical tips in handling some of the more challenging international assignments. 1 Hour Session David Deusner
Terry Chopiuk
Jeremy Burdge
Mason Pan
Daniel Rudder
NE95437 - Evening Social Event Join us for our appetizers, drinks, and live music by JJ Grey & Mofro at our annual Relativity Fest evening social event. The event will take place from 7:30 p.m. - 11:30 p.m. at the Field Museum 4 Session
NE95435 - Farewell Reception in the Community Pavilion Join us for our Farewell Reception. Food and drinks will be provided. Cosponsored by CDS, Epiq, Inventus, GeorgeJon, LDisocvery, Opus 2 International 2.5 Session
AW92907 - From Conditions to Results: Searching in Relativity Members of kCura's engineering and support teams will walk you through how Relativity takes your search and turns it into a list of results. We will discuss the lesser-known tips for effective searching and give you tools to avoid unexpected results. This session is aimed at teaching both average and hardcore users how to get more value out of their environment and data. This session will refer to SQL, but will not focus on it. Fest Favorite: Back by popular demand, this session was presented at a previous Relativity Fest and has been updated with the latest and greatest functionality. 1 Hour Session Jeffrey Stanford
Brittany Cunningham
LP92900 - From Reactive to Proactive: e-Discovery and Early Case Assessment for Corporate Legal Teams Legal teams inside regulated industries are now seeking to reduce discovery costs, reuse prior work, and improve internal processes. Attend this session to hear Forrester Research Principal Analyst Cheryl McKinnon speak about market trends in early case assessment, legal holds, and e-discovery overall. This session will be of interest to both technology management roles and corporate legal teams. 1 Hour Session Cheryl McKinnon
LP95006 - Future-proof Your Corporate e-Discovery Strategy Join Ari Kaplan of Ari Kaplan Advisors as he presents candid perspectives from his annual e-Discovery Unfiltered report and leads a discussion with corporate e-discovery leaders on current trends—including where in house legal teams are investing their e-discovery budgets in 2016, and the e-discovery and litigation issues law department leaders care about most. 1 Hour Session Ari Kaplan
Patrick Burke
Patrick Zeller
IT92898 - Getting Started with Relativity Processing Infrastructure This session will teach you how to be successful with Invariant, build your processing grid, and get peak discovery and publishing performance. 1 Hour Session Steve Rodriguez
Jared Lander
Ed Mueller
AW92345 - Good to Great: Optimizing Review with 7 Simple Workflow Enhancements In this session, you will learn tips and tricks for how to create a Relativity workspace that will enable a streamlined and consistent review. We'll discuss security, layouts, and workflows to speed up your review, increase efficiency when building privilege logs, and conduct successful productions. When you walk out of this session you will have a few workflows to implement in your next review. Fest Favorite: Back by popular demand, this session was presented at a previous Relativity Fest and has been updated with the latest and greatest functionality. 1 Hour Session Stan Pierson
Lucy Melendrez-Diaz
GS92911 - Guest Speaker: Daniel Pink Daniel Pink, author of five provocative books about the changing world of work, is joining us at Relativity Fest to share insights that will challenge you to change the way you work. 1 Hour Session Daniel Pink
IT92896 - Health Check | Part I This session will teach you how to conduct a health check on your Relativity instance and introduce you to the various tool sets—including Performance Dashboard, internal PowerShell scripting, and SQL scripts—that our support teams use to troubleshoot instances. 1 Hour Session Matt Mohnsen
Brian Kunes
IT92897 - Health Check | Part II Now that you know how to conduct a health check (Health Check: Part I), this session will help you understand what actions you can take to help improve the performance and overall health of your Relativity instance. 1 Hour Session Ryan Flint
Jared Lander
LP88445 - Hiding in Plain Sight: The Bookends of Elusive Evidence and Evidence Admission Where does your custodians' data live? Perhaps more importantly, where does your opponents' data live? In this interactive session, we’ll demonstrate how to identify data that hides in plain sight. We’ll also discuss the other end of the spectrum: getting your data into evidence while avoiding the pitfalls that also hide in plain sight. 1 Hour Session Aaron INACTIVE Laliberte
Alex Case
Jeremy Christianson
AW96629 - How Epiq Created and Sustains a Client-Collaboration Culture Learn the secrets to Epiq's success, including tips and tricks for creating and sustaining the client-collaboration culture that made them a leading e-discovery provider. Learn how they maintain a culture of excellence with customer-first attitudes, customized workflows, robust training, and intimate client relationships. 1 Hour Session Chris Arnold
Ellen Polhamus
Catherine Osteheimer
PF90857 - How to Customize Relativity Without Being a Developer Many customers use Relativity straight out of the box. Learn what objects are in Relativity and how you can harness this tool to build efficient workflows in your own environment. Expand Relativity’s potential and build custom objects to make searching easier, construct search tracking and modification directly in the database, create an FAQ for document review to track reviewer questions, create a defensibility notebook for audit tracking, and more. 1 Hour Session Susan Stone
Mike Davis
IT88222 - How to Make SQL Server Go Faster You host Relativity data in SQL Server, and you can't just go buy a new server. You need to figure out where your server's bottleneck is, and find the easiest workaround to make it go faster. Microsoft Certified Master Brent Ozar will show you how to check your SQL Server's vital stats with free tools, and then determine whether you need indexes, memory, or different config settings. 1 Hour Session Brent Ozar
LP89127 - How to Pitch the Force of Relativity to Your Client Regardless of the phase of discovery, litigation, or investigation you're involved in, the key is to focus on the needs of the team and the bigger picture of your data before you look at any records. Educate your client on what Relativity can do for them—including ECA, analytics strategy, prioritization, review and analysis, production, and trial prep. In this session, we'll discuss a ten-step process to set your client up for success. 1 Hour Session Adam Strayer
Angela Green
Danny Balogh
IT92894 - How to Plan for Your Relativity Upgrade We’ll offer best practices to prepare for your Relativity upgrade, incorporating recent enhancements that may affect your upgrade workflow. We’ll also discuss how to better prepare your Relativity administrators to use and support new features and functionality with test environments and updated workspace templates. Additionally, we’ll share the business impact of staying up-to-date with new Relativity versions and the resources kCura provides to help you upgrade. Fest Favorite: Back by popular demand, this session was presented at a previous Relativity Fest and has been updated with the latest and greatest functionality. 1 Hour Session Charles McCloughan
Matt Bolte
AW88450 - How to Use Advanced Analytics to Improve Your Workflow Relativity offers cutting-edge analytics tools that can drastically make it easier to understand massive amounts of data. But how can you effectively use these tools and incorporate them into your workflow? In this session, we will show you how to leverage the power of analytics. 1 Hour Session Taffi Schurz
IT92888 - Implementing and Maintaining Data Grid This session will provide you with the insight to implement the Data Grid infrastructure, as well as the best practices that will ensure your Data Grid performs optimally. 1 Hour Session Joni Musa
Dan Chimner
IG76391 - Insider Threats: Detecting Data Leakage with Forensics and Analytics No one says "let's steal the IP" in an email. According to CERT, more than 40 percent of insiders stole IP from their current employer to take to a new employer with whom they once competed. Learn how to conduct a forensic investigation with Relativity Collection's scout tool and run an analysis with Relativity Analytics. Submitted for CLE accreditation. 1 Hour Session Warren Kruse
Collin Miller
PF92889 - Introduction to Relativity Integration Points In this course, we will give you a foundation of what Relativity Integration Points (RIP) is and walk you through the process to build a new provider. We will cover how to create a basic provider, set up field mapping, upload your provider to a RIP-enabled workspace, and schedule the upload. Once we have the basics down, we will walk you through an advanced sample that shows how to load data into Relativity Dynamic Objects (RDOs) that is formatted using JSON. Coding experience is required. 1 Hour Session Dan Nelson
David Biedrzycki
PF92901 - Introduction to the Relativity Platform for Developers This course will introduce you to the ways you can extend the functionality of Relativity through dynamic objects, event handlers, scripts, agents, custom pages, and Relativity's APIs. You’ll learn about the range of extensibility opportunities throughout the platform. Coding experience is required. Fest Favorite: Back by popular demand, this session was presented at a previous Relativity Fest and has been updated with the latest and greatest functionality. 1 Hour Session Shannon Ruckauf
Mike Markzon
GS92899 - Judicial Panel Grab a seat before the bench for the third-annual judicial session at Relativity Fest, where Judges Nora Barry Fischer, Andrew Peck, Xavier Rodriguez, and David Waxse return to share their insights on the latest legal developments in e-discovery. There's a new twist on the Annual Judicial Panel this year. Everyone was invited to submit a question for the judges. We’ll confer with the judges, select the three most insightful questions to become part of the program, and recognize those who submitted the selected questions during the panel. Submitted for CLE accreditation 1 Hour Session David Horrigan
Nora Barry Fischer
Xavier Rodriguez
Andrew Peck
David Waxse
NE95424 - kCura HQ Tours Catch a behind-the-scenes view of Relativity by visiting kCura’s headquarters. We’ll conduct a quick tour of our office, from our famous green couch to the desks of various engineering teams who work diligently to continue innovating our software. Most importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to see what we're all about, our day-to-day activity, and the ways we do our best to live up to the core values that define kCura's collaborative culture. The tour itself will take approximately 30 minutes, but please allow an additional 30 minutes for transportation and check-in procedures. • Monday, October 10: 12:00 – 1:30 p.m.; Lunch provided • Wednesday, October 12: 9:00 – 10:30 a.m.; Continental breakfast provided 1.5 Session
RF92412 - Legal Hold Overview This session provides an overview of Relativity Legal Hold. You'll learn about the advantages of having a dedicated legal hold solution versus less reliable methods. You'll also learn how Legal Hold projects are created and attached to custodians, as well as how communications are generated, distributed, and tracked. Finally, you'll learn about reporting options for single and multiple holds. 1 Hour Session Aaron INACTIVE Laliberte
EX94998 - Legal Hold Workshop In this hands-on workshop, you will work through the entire process of a legal hold, from adding a custodian, to creating and sending out a notice, to reviewing reports. Attend this session for a solid understanding of the Relativity Legal Hold workflow. 3 Hours Session Bill Bailey
Nik Balepur
AW96244 - Life After Review: How Relativity Providers Can Benefit from Clients' Post-Review Actions Key documents have been tagged. What’s next? This session follows key documents as they progress through the litigation lifecycle and to the Opus 2 Magnum platform via a new integration with Relativity. Discover Magnum’s state-of-the-art tools for preparing documents for use at depositions, how to cross-reference testimony with key documents, how teams jointly annotate key documents and transcripts while developing the argument to be presented in court, and the evolution to trial exhibit. This session also reveals how Relativity providers can expand their businesses and increase revenue through this integration with Opus 2 Magnum. 1 Hour Session Clare Foley
Steve Fleming
LP88432 - Marketing and Leveraging Analytics Internally Analytics usage is on the rise, but the idea of relying on analytics tools like conceptual searching is still unsettling to many case teams. If convincing your case teams to conduct a technology-assisted review seems like a far-fetched dream, join this session to learn the incremental methods Steptoe has been using to cultivate Analytics fanatics. 1 Hour Session Kate Bauer
BC94534 - Marketing Boot Camp: Brand Development and Visual Communications Branding is more than your logo; it’s the trust and goodwill you build with your customers. Hear from a panel of design and branding professionals on how to nurture your brand using visual storytelling to build successful, long-term relationships. 1 Hour Session Laurence Minsky
JC Steinbrunner
Mig Reyes
David Elliott
BC94533 - Marketing Boot Camp: Content Marketing Best Practices e-Discovery may be a niche industry, but it’s a competitive market with more than $10 billion at stake. Attend this session to learn how you can use content marketing channels—especially a company blog and social media—to get and stay top-of-mind for potential customers. 1 Hour Session Steve Tanner
Nicole Trafton
Samantha Bock
BC94532 - Marketing Boot Camp: Getting to Know Your Customers How well do you actually know your customers? Do you know what they want, and how confident are you that they’re having a positive experience with your team? In this session, the kCura team will share ideas for better understanding your customers—including building personas to gain insight into your customers’ needs, and building a strategic customer success function. 1 Hour Session Bill Pascoli
Ann Marie Lane
BC94530 - Marketing Boot Camp: Success with the Relativity Partner Marketing Program Relativity partners have the opportunity to conduct joint marketing with kCura—from events and speaking opportunities to content and success stories that promotes your unique Relativity offering. During this session, the kCura team will provide an overview of the marketing opportunities available to you and share examples of successful partner marketing campaigns. 1 Hour Session Angie Ocasek
Jacque Flaherty
BC94531 - Marketing Boot Camp: Working with Analysts and the Media – e-Discovery and Beyond Interested in best practices for pitching the media? Having trouble engaging analysts effectively on a regular basis? Hear from a panel of leading press and analysts about what is most interesting to them, how to best work with them, and what they see on the horizon for coverage of the legal industry. 1 Hour Session Zach Abramowitz
Shawn Gaines
Sean Doherty
Ian Lopez
John Carpenter
IG89039 - Minority Report: Using Relativity for Predictive Compliance What if analytics could be used to predict and prevent misconduct? Bennett Borden, co-chair of the Information Governance Initiative and chief data scientist of Drinker Biddle & Reath, has crafted a new form of predictive compliance. Learn how he developed these models in Relativity, as well as the ethical considerations to be taken into account when analyzing and acting on corporate data. 1 Hour Session Bennett Borden
RF92905 - Mobile Overview Are attorneys asking you about coding documents from their iPads? At the end of this session, you'll have a clear understanding of why we are building a new iPad app for Relativity, features to expect in the first version, and next steps to begin testing the app on your own instances before we launch publicly. We'll also give you a sneak peek into future plans on the mobile roadmap. 1 Hour Session Rishi Khullar
AW95594 - Moving Data through Relativity: From Legal Hold to Production This session will demonstrate the ease with which data from a variety of sources can be moved through Relativity’s complete e-discovery stack. We will show the step-by-step workflow process of holding, collecting, running ECA, processing, reviewing, and producing. 1 Hour Session Milton Cervantes
Jacob Cross
Chris O'Connor
AW94988 - Moving Data Using Relativity ARM This session will cover how to use Relativity Archrive, Restore, & Move (ARM) to archive and restore workspaces as well as migrating workspaces between environments, including from on-premise environments to RelativityOne. 1 Hour Session William Fenton
Brian Kunes
Scott Ellis
LP88452 - Negotiating TAR Protocols Technology-assisted review (TAR) protocols range from nonexistent to highly complex. What are some best practices for letting other parties know you're using predictive coding without opening yourself up to highly burdensome protocols? If another party is planning to use predictive coding, what should you ask for in a protocol? What are common mistakes made at this step, and how can you avoid them? Submitted for CLE accreditation. 1 Hour Session Jon Lavinder
Philip Favro
Dean Gonsowski
PF88925 - Non-traditional Ways to use Relativity By utilizing Relativity's robust features and database, Kilpatrick Townsend has been able to use the platform in creative ways. They've extended Relativity by building a project management tool that tracks project information, timelines, media, productions, and financial information; and have customized repositories to store claimant information, calculate damages, and filter forensic imaged drives. Find out how they did it. 1 Hour Session Amy Catton
Lynn Charbonneau
Clara Skorstad
GS92909 - Opening Keynote Kick off Relativity Fest with a few words from Andrew Sieja, founder and CEO of kCura. He’ll open with remarks about this year’s event and give you a sneak peek into upcoming Relativity announcements. 1.5 Session Andrew Sieja
AW94990 - Optimizing Relativity for Corporations: A Workflow Designed for In-house Teams In this session, we'll walk through a standard Relativity workflow that allows corporate teams to search, analyze, and act on data to meet their goals. We will demonstrate features and repeatable workflows that corporate teams can use as a template to prepare data and utilize results with the full Relativity suite to complete any review. 1 Hour Session Sam Myers
Rene Laurens
IT95229 - Peek Behind the Curtain: An Overview of RelativityOne Cloud Operations In this session, kCura's cloud operations team will walk you through the tools and processes used to ensure RelativityOne meets high expectations for customer satisfaction. We’ll highlight the importance of service management (ITSM) processes, including incident, problem, change, configuration management, along with monitoring and log aggregation. 1 Hour Session Mike Kolek
Joanne Wilson
PF79351 - Preventing PII Leaks Was a Pain...Until We Opened the Toolbox Identifying PII and preventing its disclosure during the discovery phase of litigation can be a serious challenge. It's yet another problem, however, that can be solved with the creative application of technology. This is a story about searching for patterns, automating an arduous task, reducing risk—and what's possible when teams use the flexibility and extensibility of Relativity as building blocks for sophisticated solutions to real-world problems. 1 Hour Session Judith Torres
Hunter McMahon
Scott Monaghan
RF92398 - Processing: Behind the Scenes and Console Overview In this session, we'll have an in-depth discussion about the Relativity Processing engine, including an overview of the Relativity Processing Console (RPC). You'll gain an understanding of the technology's full capabilities. 1 Hour Session Robert Simpson
EX94999 - Processing Console Workshop This workshop is designed for attendees who have experience using the Relativity Processing Console (RPC) as well as users just getting started with the RPC. In this session, we will cover basics on how to use the RPC as a tool for monitoring and managing workers and jobs, functionality of the matter inspector and using it to locate metadata, using the RPC to create a metadata overlay for published files, and creating saved fields for use in the Relativity 9.4 front end. 3 Hours Session Robert Simpson
Jim Schraven
RF92348 - Processing Overview In this session, we'll discuss using Relativity Processing via the browser. You'll gain an understanding of how to set up custodians, processing sets, de-duplication settings, and the passwords bank, as well as tips about how to read reports and get the most out of the technology. 1 Hour Session Brian Vile
EX95000 - Processing Workshop This workshop will lead you through each stage of Relativity Processing, from staging and running inventory, all the way through discovering and publishing. You’ll learn about setting up multiple profiles, field mapping, and creating multiple data sources per processing set. You’ll also learn the processing error workflow, which will assist you in the rehabilitation of trickier documents. Finally, you’ll get an overview of how to cull your documents for review using ECA and Investigation. 3 Hours Session Joe Riley
Steve Rodriguez
Carlo Ramos
EX95001 - Production Workshop This workshop provides hands-on experience with the new production features in Relativity. You will walk through the entire process of production from setup to export. We will also cover new features, including custom branding and slip sheets. 1 Hour Session Carlo Ramos
AW70832 - Project Management in Relativity This panel will discuss a project management methodology that lays on top of Relativity for collecting, processing, reviewing, and producing ESI. The program will feature how project management principles integrate with the use of Relativity, highlight best practices in e-discovery, and demonstrate sound, defensible processes across the EDRM. 1 Hour Session Jacob Cross
Michael Quartararo
LP89134 - Putting a Leash on the Internet of Things: Legal Questions to Ask Yourself Now About Data Ethics in an Increasingly Connected World Internet of Things devices promise to record, analyze, and measure the different aspects of your life. Join Bennett Borden, chief data scientist at Drinker Biddle & Reath, and a panel of experts as they discuss the security, privacy, and legal implications of mining deeply personal data as organizations attempt to monetize and productize the information. Submitted for CLE - Ethics accreditation. 1 Hour Session Jeff Gilles
Bennett Borden
Judy Selby
EX92498 - RCA Exam The RCA exam will be hosted during and after Relativity Fest for conference attendees. Sunday, October 9 — 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Tuesday, October 11 — 1:00 p.m. Wednesday, October 12 — 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Exam registration is required in addition to Relativity Fest registration. After you’ve registered for the conference, contact us with your preferred exam date and time to reserve your RCA spot. The RCA exam is offered for an additional $250 fee, and payment will be requested before Relativity Fest. Email us to register 1 Hour Session
AW88398 - Relativity and Chinese Datasets: Linguistic Lessons Learned Working with Chinese data poses many different challenges. Tom Groom, managing director at D4, has been using Relativity to process and host data, as well as apply Relativity Analytics to assist customers with data sets that include Asian characters. In this session, Tom will share some of his experiences and provide practical tips on how to effectively deal with CJK datasets using Relativity Processing, Analytics, and Review. 1 Hour Session Abigail Cooke
Tom Groom
EX95002 - Relativity Applications Workshop This workshop provides attendees with an overview of how to conceptualize an application to fit a particular need and build it using Relativity objects. We’ll cover Relativity Dynamic Objects, modeling data relationships, installing and modifying existing applications, and error handling. This session is recommended for anyone new to developing Relativity applications. This includes—but is not limited to—project managers, consultants, litigation support professionals, IT professionals, and Relativity Certified Administrators. 3 Hours Session Brittany Cunningham
EX95010 - Relativity Assisted Review Workshop Get hands-on with Relativity Assisted Review. This workshop is for anyone who wants to walk through the whole process from setting up to finishing an Assisted Review project. Each attendee will have their own machine and will dive into Assisted Review to learn what makes a successful project. You’ll learn terminology like recall and precision and understand why it’s becoming the standard for review. 3 Hours Session Greg Houston
Danny Frank
Bill Bailey
PF92902 - Relativity Authentication APIs In Relativity 9.4 we introduced major new features and APIs around authentication. In this session, we will show you how to use these APIs to manage authentication in Relativity. You will learn about the authentication protocols available in a Relativity environment and how to configure them programmatically. With Relativity APIs, you can quickly and efficiently configure authentication options for all users in an environment. We will also show you how you can integrate the Relativity login workflow into your own custom applications and websites. Coding experience is required. 1 Hour Session Dan Wells
Michael Masanek
NE96007 - Relativity Fest Obstacle Course Race (OCR) Challenge Get physical in the streets of downtown Chicago with Relativity Fest’s first ever obstacle course race (OCR)!  This is a unique opportunity to combine your fitness with your Relativity knowledge.  The (outdoor) street course is made up of approximately 2 miles and 3 obstacles that will challenge you physically and mentally.  All participants will receive a cool t-shirt and water bottle and the person to complete the course with the fastest time will receive an awesome prize.  What a way to end the week, let’s go!      1 Hour Session
EX95003 - Relativity Hands-On Labs Looking to dive in and see the latest and greatest features Relativity has to offer?  Join us for hands-on labs, where you can work through multiple guided scenarios—at your own pace—that demonstrate how Relativity can support your pressing business challenges. Feel free to go "off-script" and play with the features you're most interested in. Labs have a whole new look this year, so make time to join us and see what's new. Cosponsored by Microsoft Sunday: 4:00-7:00 Monday: 10:30-7:00 Tuesday: 9:00-4:00 Wednesday: 9:00-12:00 1 Hour Session
GS92914 - Relativity Innovation Awards The Relativity Innovation Awards is an annual competition celebrating organizations that are bringing the Relativity platform story to life. The awards are presented each year at Relativity Fest and recognize groups that have created applications and integrations that extend Relativity to solve a wide array of challenges. 1 Hour Session Drew Deitch
Perry Marchant
PF95228 - RelativityOne Architecture Overview What are the differences between RelativityOne and on-premises Relativity instances? This session will provide details on RelativityOne's platform, the process used to manage it, and the pipeline kCura is building to keep RelativityOne constantly up to date. This session will show the current state of the RelativityOne architecture and provide a forward looking view into how the platform will evolve. 1 Hour Session Sameer Doshi
RF92396 - RelativityOne Overview This session will guide you through the basic features and benefits of RelativityOne. You'll learn about valuable features such as a high-speed file transfer application, no-worry upgrade scheduling, and the new workspace login portal, as well as how to work with kCura’s cloud operations team. 1 Hour Session Perry Marchant
George Orr
Mateen Khadir
RF92352 - Relativity Roadmap: Sneak Peek and Open Forum In this session with the Relativity product management team, you’ll get a sneak peek into the roadmap for Relativity. You’ll have the opportunity to share and discuss your business challenges and ideas for improving the product with the people deciding what we'll build next. 1 Hour Session John Harris
RF92392 - Review and Production Overview We will highlight key workflows for reviewing documents in Relativity and cover recent updates to the production engine. The session will discuss new mass PDF capabilities, along with some of our favorite searching and data visualization tools. When you walk out of this session, you will have a clear understanding of basic review and production functionality, and how to put them into practice. 1 Hour Session Julie Huner
PF92903 - Scaling Your Relativity Application The average size of a Relativity workspace is increasing at a very rapid pace. It's important to develop solutions that can take advantage of system resources so they can be performant. Using real-world applications, kCura custom development engineers will show you how to develop scalable solutions to process data in parallel with Relativity APIs. This session will focus on best practices and general guidelines. We'll also share the benefit of creating custom Visual Studio templates around standard design patterns to get your apps up and running quickly. 1 Hour Session Chandra Alimeti
Marlon Smith
AW92402 - Searching in Data Grid for Foreign Language Character Sets and More This session covers the syntax for Data Grid searching and shows you how to use it effectively. We'll also show you how to quickly search for documents using Data Grid without needing to build an index, including searching for foreign language character sets that are not western European. 1 Hour Session Nik Balepur
AW94309 - Setting up for a Successful ECA and Investigation Project Relativity ECA and Investigation helps you gain insight sooner to assess risk and reduce cost right out of the box, but there are a few configuration and customization opportunities which will help set your project up for success. In this session, we'll discuss various options such as Processing settings, Analytics tools, and workspace customizations to match the specific needs of your project, and provide the optimum way to search, analyze, and act on your data. 1 Hour Session Dan Miller
EX92497 - Specialist Exams One Relativity specialist certification exam—Analytics, Assisted Review, Certified User, Infrastructure, Processing, or Project Management—is included in your conference registration. Specialist certification exams will be offered on-demand during and after the conference. You can show up at any time within the exam lab's hours; however, you must begin your exam at least one hour prior to the lab closing time. You can take additional specialty exams; however, the cost will not be included in Relativity Fest registration. Payment for additional exams is due at the time of the exam and can be made at the main conference registration desk. Prices for each exam are included on the certification page of the Relativity website. Exams will be led by the kCura team. Exams will be offered in the Lake Huron room on the 8th floor during the following times: Sunday, October 9: 1:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Monday, October 10: 10:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Tuesday, October 11: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Wednesday, October 12: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. 1 Hour Session
AW96976 - State-of-the-Art Transcript Management for Relativity Users Finally, the industry’s complete e-discovery platform is integrated with the world’s most advanced transcript management and case analysis software. This session outlines best practices for using Relativity and Magnum together for seamless document review and transcript management. We will outline case team workflows for key documents and transcripts as they prepare for depositions and trial, and demonstrate modern methods for managing chronologies, witness kits, designations, annotations, video, and exhibits. 1 Hour Session Steve Fleming
Clare Foley
AW95617 - Taking Control of Assisted Review This session will cover how we stopped letting statistics alone control our TAR workflow and put the process back in the hands of the legal team. We will take you through some challenges we faced in implementing our ideal TAR workflow and how we overcame them using customised workflows, scripts, and reporting, building on top of Assisted Review and the Relativity platform. Submitted for CLE accreditation 1 Hour Session Craig Macaulay
LP90978 - Technology-assisted Review: Learn About Da Silva Moore, Quinn, and Pyrrho from Participants in the Cases Courts have approved technology-assisted review (TAR) in three nations: the United States, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. In this session, attendees will learn about the landmark cases first approving TAR in these three nations. Moderated by Chris Dale of the eDisclosure Information Project, the panel will include Judge Andrew Peck, the U.S. magistrate judge in the Da Sliva Moore decision, and the litigators in Ireland's Quinn decision and the UK's Pyrrho decision. Submitted for CLE accreditation. 1 Hour Session Andrew Peck
Daniel Wyatt
Edward Spencer
Karyn Harty
Chris Dale
RF91018 - Telling Your Client's Story Using Fact Manager Learn the benefits of using Relativity Fact Manager throughout the life of your matter. Topics include managing your case information before, during, and after discovery, as well as taking advantage of Fact Manager's reporting features. Submitted for CLE accreditation. Fest Favorite: Back by popular demand, this session was presented at a previous Relativity Fest and has been updated with the latest and greatest functionality. 1 Hour Session Stan Pierson
LP95004 - The e-Discovery Woman's Guide to Thriving through Change Luncheon The days of banker’s boxes and Bates stamps are—mostly—behind us. How has the e-discovery industry changed over the years and what lies ahead? Since "change is the only constant," join us over lunch to hear personal stories from experienced panelists about how they have learned to thrive during significant industry changes.  Program will include group discussion on "tips for building resilience" that will then be shared with all participants. 1.5 Session Meribeth Banaschik
Monica Bay
Dorie Blesoff
Cinthia Granados Motley
Yvette Bula
LP95007 - The History and Future of the Law and e-Discovery In August 2016, the American Bar Association released A Report on the Future of Legal Services in the United States, including recommendations on the technical competence of legal teams and how courts can improve access to justice, as well as observations on innovation, artificial intelligence, and social issues shaping the law. In this session, a group of legal technology veterans will discuss the report, share their experiences on the history of law and e-discovery—including issues ranging from the evolution of legal advertising to the events of September 11, 2001—and give predictions for the future of the profession and the industry. Submitted for CLE accreditation. 1 Hour Session Monica Bay
Xavier Rodriguez
David Horrigan
George Socha
Nora Barry Fischer
LP88448 - The Hybrid Expert: Leveraging the Power of Lawyer-Technologists in E-Discovery Judge Peck has been known to say, “bring your geek” for court conferences and the like—but what if your “geek” also happened to be your legal expert on 26(b)(1), defensible collection, and review methodology? This session will discuss the advantages of having a lawyer-technologist in your organization, as well as ways to identify and develop personnel for roles that require legal and technological fluency. Submitted for CLE accreditation 1 Hour Session Constantine Pappas
Courtney Murphy
Ryan Hynes
PF82253 - The Law Firm and the Service Provider: A Custom Development Partnership To Solve New Challenges Simmons & Simmons and Anexsys will discuss how they've worked together to create custom solutions to new challenges that Simmons & Simmons is facing on e-discovery cases. We’ll walk through the full lifecycle from discussion of the challenge, gathering of requirements, engineering the solution, deployment, and support. They’ll also demonstrate some of the products they've created together. 1 Hour Session Jonathan Chan
Loren Harper
IG94523 - The New IG Playbook for Addressing Threats from Personal Clouds, Cyber Attacks, and the IOT, Presented by CTRL Organizations must address problems arising from electronic threats beyond the realm of e-discovery. This includes recognizing the nature and scope of threats posed by personal clouds, cyber attacks, and the Internet of Things; developing actionable policies and enforcement mechanisms to protect against and strengthen vulnerabilities; and understanding how analytics can help enforce internal protocols and detect cyber risks. Submitted for CLE accreditation. 1 Hour Session Don Billings
Darin Sands
Judy Selby
Philip Favro
AW80572 - The United Nations of Data: Using Relativity to Solve Challenges in Multilingual Reviews Learn how to use language detection and file type analysis to identify the languages in your data, see how foreign language search terms work with the search index and recognize issues that may arise, understand bigram vs. unicode indexing and limitations on clustering and predictive analytics, and use tagging and auto-batching to maximize workflow efficiency and quickly identify important documents for translation. 1 Hour Session Erica Wenninger
Paul Gordon
Claire Slack
Martha Louks
Erik Seidlitz
AW92893 - Tips and Tricks for Navigating the Backend of Processing The Relativity Processing technical support team will offer tips on the inner workings of the Processing backend, powered by the Invariant engine. We'll share scripts that can be used to gain more insight into your processing set—along with workflows to navigate problem files—and explain the table structure. After this session, you’ll know more about the capabilities of Invariant and workflows that the support team can assist with. Fest Favorite: Back by popular demand, this session was presented at a previous Relativity Fest and has been updated with the latest and greatest functionality. 1 Hour Session Sean McHale
Robert Simpson
IT92895 - Top Considerations for Preparing for a Large Relativity Case When big cases come in, do you know what you need to prepare your infrastructure? In this session, members of kCura's support team will share the top ways infrastructure managers can prepare for large cases, including SQL, Data Grid, disk considerations, maintenance, backup strategies, and workflow best practices. Fest Favorite: Back by popular demand, this session was presented at a previous Relativity Fest and has been updated with the latest and greatest functionality. 1 Hour Session Brittany Cunningham
Ryan Flint
AW92351 - Unlocking the Power of Audits Audits in Data Grid allow you to easily store and query large amounts of audit data in an intuitive, graphical manner. In this session, we'll discuss and demo several workflows using Data Grid to gain insights into the audit history of your workspaces. 1 Hour Session Danny Frank
AW92344 - Using Analytics in Multi-language Litigation A Relativity Analytics technical support architect will walk you through the best ways to set up and run Analytics in cases that involve multiple languages, including CJK. After this session, you’ll be able to better plan for a review with multiple languages, and you’ll understand how CJK characters and Analytics work. Fest Favorite: Back by popular demand, this session was presented at a previous Relativity Fest and has been updated with the latest and greatest functionality. 1 Hour Session Rebecca Schwab Peoples
Laura Webster
PF95008 - Using the Platform to Migrate into Relativity This session will focus on the Relativity platform framework and how to use Relativity Bridge, including a discussion about the business case and technology—why and how—we built it. We’ll cover the automated workflow and use examples highlighting how to start building your own applications using the framework. Lastly, you will have a deeper understanding of Relativity Bridge and find out how to get access to the current Bridge platform and it's migration capabilities after Relativity Fest has concluded. 1 Hour Session Joseph Low
Nik Balepur
AW92915 - Ways to Accelerate your Review with Data Visualization These days, getting actionable insight from your data is a necessity to make quick and efficient decisions throughout your case. This session will walk you through ways to search and analyze your data using Relativity’s powerful data visualization capabilities, helping you explore what’s in your data (and what’s not), prioritize and organize your review, and control the quality of your work product. You’ll leave with workflows you can put into practice today to develop better investigation and review strategies. Fest Favorite: Back by popular demand, this session was presented at a previous Relativity Fest and has been updated with the latest and greatest functionality. 1 Hour Session Bill Bailey
NE95433 - Welcome Reception Join us for our Welcome Reception. Food and drinks will be provided. Cosponsored by Microsoft 2 Hours Session
AW92361 - What Are My Assisted Review Reports Telling Me? In this session, we'll review the reports available in a Relativity Assisted Review project and determine which include the best measurements based on your unique requirements. We'll also discuss how to read each report and determine next steps. When you leave, you'll better understand what your reports are telling you, allowing you to make better decisions in your Assisted Review project. Fest Favorite: Back by popular demand, this session was presented at a previous Relativity Fest and has been updated with the latest and greatest functionality. 1 Hour Session Constantine Pappas
AW94310 - What Can You Uncover from a Simple Dashboard? Dashboards provide a powerful way to search and analyze your data and immediately take action on what you find. This session will walk you through dashboards that help dig into non-traditional data like user activity, processing errors, search term reports, and more. 1 Hour Session Kelly Wehbi
RF92913 - What's New in Relativity This session provides an overview of what's new in Relativity 9.4 and the upcoming release of Relativity. You'll learn about new features like dashboards and visualizations, field mapping, a file transfer application, and more. 1 Hour Session John Harris
Steve Rodriguez
PF92890 - What’s New with Relativity APIs: APIs in Preview Mode The Relativity 9.3 and 9.4 releases included several key new enhancements and changes to the developer platform. Get up to speed on how to leverage some of the key new features in this session, including new product-specific APIs for Invariant/Processing, Production, Collection, and Data Grid. 1 Hour Session Meg Svec
AW92892 - Workflows for Email Threading In this session, we'll discuss several threading workflows to address specific real-life scenarios users encounter every day. Specifically, we'll discuss loading new documents into an existing set, batching your threaded documents, and creating a QC workflow that leverages threading results. 1 Hour Session Jacob Cross
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